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North Raleigh Perio to Participate in Triangle Down Syndrome Network’s Buddy Walk

On an autumn day several years ago, we lost one of our daughters. Her name was Laura Anne. She was a precious little five-month-old girl, and she had Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, she had a heart defect and didn’t pull through heart surgery. Predictably, losing her was one of the toughest times of our lives. We miss her tremendously and always will; yet we take comfort knowing we’ll see her again in heaven.

Three years after losing Laura Anne, a local adoption agency named Amazing Grace called our home to say there was a little girl born at Wake Med who had Down Syndrome and that she needed a home. My wife and I were ready to jump in the car to get her right then, but the process took a couple of weeks. In short, Sophia did come home with us, and she’s been with us for 17 years as little sister to a brother and four older sisters. 

I mention both of our daughters with Down Syndrome because the Triangle Down Syndrome Network (TDSN) educated and supported us every step of the way. The TDSN “envisions a community where all people with Down syndrome can achieve their full potential with Down syndrome and their families are welcomed with fairness, enthusiasm, and encouragement in the community.” To that end, our office is participating in the TDSN Buddy Walk. We’d love you to join us!