Sterilization: Keeping Patients Safe

Patients here in Raleigh are sometimes curious about what steps we take to ensure the health of everyone in the office. The answer is “alot!”

Preventing and controlling the spread of infectious disease is crucial in the oral health community. The Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) and the American Dental Association have enacted thorough guidelines that help us create a safe environment for our patients and staff. By implementing proven cleaning and sterilization methods, North Raleigh Periodontics greatly reduces the risk of patients contracting any type of infectious disease.
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Pregnancy & Oral Health

Baby feetExpecting mothers know — or quickly come to realize — that pregnancy impacts numerous aspects of their day-to-day lives. This includes changes in gingival (a.k.a. gum) health. In fact, since the 1960s, researchers report a marked increase in gum disease in pregnant mothers. Many mothers will notice an alteration in the color, sensitivity, and even size of their gum tissue. In fact, nearly 75% of pregnant women will develop gum disease during pregnancy. Read on to find out why this shift occurs and what can be done to diminish pregnant parents’ greater susceptibility to gum disease. Continue reading “Pregnancy & Oral Health”

Ridge Preservation (Bone Grafting) After Tooth Extraction: When is it Necessary?

What happens when I lose a tooth?

One of the most common questions I get from patients here in the Raleigh/Wake County area is: “Why would I need a bone graft after a tooth extraction?” After losing a tooth, many people do not consider the impact of that loss on the rest of their oral structures, especially their alveolar ridge. The term “alveolar ridge” refers to the thick ridge of bone containing the tooth sockets on the top and bottom of the mouth. Bone loss, a.k.a bone resorption, in the alveolar ridge area, is a common result of tooth loss, but the consequences can be severe.Consequences of Bone Loss Continue reading “Ridge Preservation (Bone Grafting) After Tooth Extraction: When is it Necessary?”

Am I brushing my teeth too much?

Most everyone in Raleigh and in the Research Triangle area understand that regular tooth brushing is imperative to maintaining oral health. Even so, many individuals do not brush as often as they should. While brushing infrequently leads to oral health complications like gum disease, brushing too much may be a problem too! Over Brushing can actually counteract efforts to achieve healthy teeth and gums. How do you know when you are brushing too much?

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Is Sugar Really That Bad for Teeth?

As holiday time approaches with its accompanying sweets and treats, we’re often asked, “Is sugar the root of all evil, or if it’s okay to indulge a little this time of year?” The answer may surprise you!

Read Dr. Macon Singletary’s recent article in Circa Magazine Don’t Sugarcoat the Truth: Is Sugar Really That Bad For Your Teeth? to find the answer AND to get some tips and tricks for this coming season.

The Connection Between Smoking, Vaping, and Implant Failure

By now, it is common knowledge that smoking harms the general health of an individual. But did you know that it has an adverse impact on oral health as well, especially on the success or failure of an implant placement? Additionally, some people believe that while traditional cigarette or pipe smoking may harm them, vaping does not. This assumption that vaping is less harmful to oral health, especially implant placement, is incorrect. Continue reading “The Connection Between Smoking, Vaping, and Implant Failure”

Introducing Oral ID
To Detect Oral Cancer Early

Oral Cancer DetectionOral cancer is on the rise. In fact, while over the last decade most cancer rates have declined, in this year alone 45,780 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer. Worse, because it is difficult to discover oral cancer until the late stages, every hour an American with oral cancer dies from the disease. Even though the Center for Disease Control recommends an annual cancer screening, oral cancer is notoriously tough to detect until the late stages. Continue reading “Introducing Oral ID
To Detect Oral Cancer Early”

Non-Invasive Periodontal Treatment that Fights Bacteria and Freshens Breath

Gum or mints can freshen your breath, but they may be masking a larger issue in your mouth. Bad breath is often caused by gum disease and one in two American adults have the chronic form of the disease. It starts with infections under your gums where a toothbrush, rinse, and floss can’t reach. To help resolve the infections and freshen your breath, we offer prescription Perio Trays.
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