Perio Cleanings

Prophy vs. Periodontal Maintenance

In coordination with your general dentist, a North Raleigh Periodontal cleaning involves several components of treatment. Evaluation of medical history and status of patient’s overall perspective of his gum tissue health is discussed first. Then meticulous measurement of the sulcus or pocket area between the tooth and gum is performed on six sections of each tooth. Evaluation of bleeding, plaque, and calculus build up in mouth and removal of plaque and calculus above and below the gum tissue will be done.


Perio cleanings involve the use of hand tools and/or ultrasound to clean the teeth above and below the gum line. Polishing techniques usually involve either a high pressure jet of water and a cleaning solution or a low-speed hand held device. Additionally, we incorporate Air-Flow Therapy, an innovative technology that effectively targets and rapidly eradicates oral biofilm.


We will recommend an oral hygiene program to maintain your gum tissue health