Whitening Trays

Keep Your Smile Bright! Coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, and dark soft drinks stain teeth. We have a solution for you with custom made Whitening Trays! We use digital oral scanning and 3-D printing technology to create custom whitening trays in our office. It’s quick and easy and will make your smile whiter & brighter!

Our professional at-home teeth whitening can’t be found in stores because we use a gum-friendly, gentler gel as our whitening agent and we create at-home custom whitening trays that are digitally scanned and specifically created for the contours of your teeth. These contoured trays are important as they ensure that the whitening gel gets into every corner of your teeth to give you the uniform results you want.

According to most dental professionals, the best bleaching results come from dentist-dispensed take-home kits. Our custom-fitted application helps ensure that the bleach stays in contact with the teeth, for maximum effect. They also help prevent saliva from coming into contact with the whitening gel (which can dilute its strength). Patients generally see a brighter smile with our teeth whitening kit within a week. When you’re satisfied with the shade of your teeth, you can stop treatment and resume again on an as-needed basis for whitening touch ups. We like this at-home option because it is friendlier to teeth and gums than other options that use harsh agents that lead to sensitivity, and patients enjoy being able to smile with confidence.