Surgical Extractions

We perform surgical extractions to remove teeth that have complicated situations with as little trauma as possible while maintaining as such much bone as feasible. While simple extractions are performed on teeth that are visible and easily accessible in the mouth, surgical extractions are more intricate. Surgical extractions are normally required for teeth that have not fully erupted, that have a complicated root structure, or that have been broken under the gum line. Dr. Singletary will elevate the gum and is able to reach even difficultly situated teeth in order to extract. The whole procedure is performed under local anesthetic to provide a high comfort level for his patients. Extraction sites tend to heal fairly well if handled properly. But if maximum regeneration is being pursued, then bone regeneration should potentially be considered. Once the area has healed completely, then the patient may pursue the option of having Dr. Singletary place a dental implant in the extraction site.

Surgical Extraction (Other)
Simple Extraction
Cracked Tooth