Night Guards

Nightguards, also called mouthguards, occlusal guards, dental guards, bite splints, or nocturnal bite plates are hard plastic pieces that usually cover the top set of teeth. Night Guards are popular treatments for sleep bruxism, clenching, or grinding. They protect and cushion your teeth from the force of clenching and prevent the teeth from grinding together, preventing headaches, damaged teeth, shifting teeth, and inflamed gums.

Clenching or grinding your teeth while you’re asleep is pretty common among both children and adults. If you’ve noticed your jaw is a little sore when you wake up in the morning, or maybe you’ve even had chipped or loose teeth., grinding or bruxism may be the issue. In those cases, an occlusal guard may be recommended to wear at night as an easy way to protect your teeth from damage. According to the American Academy of Oral Medicine, teeth grinding is common among children and adults at times, but if frequent enough to cause issues with your teeth or jaw, a night guard could be a simple solution to provide relief and preserve your teeth.

At North Raleigh Perio, we make customized guards made specifically for your teeth. We take a  quick and comfortable digital scan of your teeth, then fabricate your custom guard. We will then check the fit of your guard and make any necessary adjustments before you take it home. Learn more here about who needs a night guard and about the characteristic signs and symptoms of bruxism.