Periodontal Regeneration


The purpose of periodontal regeneration in Raleigh is to create a foundation for all necessary tissues associated with a full functional attachment. More specifically, the aim of North Raleigh periodontal regeneration is the proliferation and differentiation of cells to help with new attachment and growth of tooth structure, ligaments, and bones. The materials that may be used to help regeneration include bone regeneration to help facilitate growth of bone where it was reabsorbed. Soft tissue grafting techniques are also used to regenerate lost tissue due to inflammation, toothbrush abrasion, or trauma.

At the time of your initial visit, different procedures, as well as care and maintenance, will be discussed to fit your particular needs. For example, regeneration could include a soft tissue augmentation procedure in positioning gum tissue you already possess in a way to cover a root fracture (modified pinhole technique).

North Raleigh Periodontal regeneration procedures include:

  • bone regeneration
  • ridge augmentations
  • site preservations
  • root coverage
  • gum graft

Contact us to schedule an initial visit so we can determine which procedure/s best fit your needs.