Microscopic DNA Analysis

North Raleigh Perio provides complimentary microscopic analysis to determine if the particular pathogens that cause periodontal disease and lead to overall health conditions are present in our patients’ mouths. By looking at the motility and shapes of the specimen in the sample, we can determine the presence or absence of pathogens. A sample with spirochetes and rods are seen below.

If  harmful bacteria are seen via microscopic analysis, we also have the ability to lab test and pinpoint the exact types of pathogens to effectively treat these bad actors that destroy gum and bone. There are hundreds of bacteria in the mouth, but there are 11 that are particularly destructive. We’re pleased that this testing aids us in targeting and eradicating harmful bacteria from the oral cavity.

Our simple 11-microbes test detects the 11 known pathogenic bacteria that not only cause gum infections but are also directly connected to systemic health. Many of these bacteria are linked to diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and preterm birth. Below is the pathogen chart that identifies the specific destructive bacteria and the organs affected as well as potential treatment modalities. Again, the good news is that we can treat these oral pathogens, and the earlier the better.