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Incorporating Emdogain (EMD) for Periodontal Regeneration

Emdogain (EMD) is a purified extract of developing embryonal enamel derived from 6-month old piglets that we use in our surgical procedures to enhance regeneration. In short, EMD helps stimulate regeneration of the bone defects that occur from periodontal inflammation.

In the May 2017 Journal of Periodontology, there was an article about a study that showed that EMD alone could stimulate bone growth and regeneration as well as EMD with bone regeneration. The study also reveals a regeneration potential that allows bone healing by blocking epithelial down growth between the graft and root and stimulating regeneration.

EMD alone has been shown to aid in healing of soft tissue graft procedures allowing more potential for root coverage where deemed necessary. Here at North Raleigh Perio, we have seen success in incorporating this regenerative technology.