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How to Save a Failing Dental Implant: Implant Repair Before and After

Over the past years, dental implants as tooth replacement options have grown exponentially. Though not common, there are times implants can show signs of failure. As with a natural tooth, we look for signs like bleeding, swelling, sensitivity, and exudate to determine the health of an implant. When an implant shows these warning signs, we have several options. In some cases if caught early, we can prescribe an antibiotic and/or review how to floss the implant properly. Early issues with implants are generally easily treated and don’t usually involve bone loss around the implant. In other cases when bone loss surrounding the implant occurs, we are able to intervene surgically to restore health to the implant. Here Dr. Singletary describes a laser-assisted minimally-invasive implant repair recently performed.

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