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Benefits of Emdogain in Treating Periodontal Disease


Regenerative periodontal therapy constitutes an important facet of my practice here at North Raleigh Periodontics. Regeneration is particularly designed to restore and reconstruct tooth-supporting structures that have been lost or injured due to gum disease. This tooth-supporting structure, called “periodontium,” encases each tooth and includes the enamel, gingiva, periodontal ligaments, cementum, and alveolar bone. If the gums begin to recede, the bones and other tissues that support the tooth’s root start to become destroyed; unless restored, eventually the teeth will lose their anchors and may fall out or require extraction. To accomplish the restitution of the periodontium, we often incorporate Emdogain, an enamel matrix derivative (EMD) that regenerates lost tissue, bone, and the structures that anchor teeth to the bone.

Similarly to the way stem cells work to generate new cell growth, Emdogain, a protein-derivative EMD, uses growth factors that the body naturally produces to regenerate lost gum tissue, bone, and structural anchors that keep the teeth secure in the jawline. Emdogain was first introduced in the 1990s, and since that time it has successfully been used to treat periodontal disease, including deep infrabony defects and severely recessed gums.

To apply Emdogain, I administer it topically in clear liquid form by applying it onto the tooth and exposed tooth roots. It leaves a protein growth matrix that stimulates the regeneration of the structures responsible for anchoring the teeth. If used in tandem with a bone or gum graft procedure, it facilitates healthy tissue regeneration. Moreover, Emdogain promotes the healing process and continues to vitalize the growth of the periodontium for up to twelve months after its initial application. Emdogain is highly beneficial when used post-surgery as well because it modulates and accelerates soft tissue wound repair.

Periodontal disease not only occasions the loss of gum tissue and teeth, but it also increases one’s susceptibility to other systemic (whole body) complications. For example, individuals with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer heart problems as people without periodontal disease. It is vital to address gum disease early because of the systemic disorders that unaddressed gum disease entails. Because of these heightened risks, I utilize Emdogain to restore the health of your teeth’s supporting structures with the utmost efficacy. By availing yourself of exceptional periodontal care available, you are ensuring the health of both your mouth and your whole body.

Before and After Emdogain
Before and After Emdogain

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