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Why do My Teeth Need to be “Remineralized?”

CandyImportant minerals like calcium and phosphate help to keep teeth strong and healthy. Yet as we age, we lose these minerals. Moreover, consumption of candy or other sugary foods, soft drinks, alcohol, and acidic foods speeds up this loss of crucial minerals. In fact, this de-mineralization could cause tooth loss entirely. That is why at North Raleigh Periodontics we recommend remineralization therapy to condition, protect, and rebuild the tooth surface, safeguarding your pearly whites for many years to come.

Some of the benefits of restoring minerals to the teeth include:

  • Maintenance of a healthy oral environment
  • Lowered risk of decay
  • Lowered level of teeth sensitivity
  • Protection of exposed root surfaces
  • Tooth desensitization during and after periodontal care
  • Protection against tooth erosion and wear
  • Correction of white spots on surface of teeth
  • Lessened effects of dry mouth

How does it work? Remineralization paste is a virtually tasteless gel or paste made up of naturally derived protein ingredients. Delivered in a customized tray specifically made for you, the minerals are applied directly to the coronal portion of your teeth. When delivered directly to the teeth, the gel releases calcium and phosphate minerals to help maintain healthy teeth and normal pH level.

Especially helpful in relieving any sensitivity and pain from hot or cold substances, remineralizing starts with coating the teeth in a layer of protection and restoring precious minerals to the teeth. Also, the paste soothes oral irritation caused by dry mouth, a painful condition where the salivary glands in the mouth do not make enough saliva to keep the mouth wet. Additionally, it neutralizes acid levels from sodas, sweets, or alcoholic beverages. The paste fosters an overall healthier oral environment, helps provide a brighter smile, diminishes oral sensitivity, and provides comfort for oral soft tissue.

Additionally, those prone to chipping their teeth will appreciate how remineralizing effectively strengthens the teeth for the long term. Finally, the process helps prevent the white spots that sometimes appear on the teeth following orthodontic treatment.

At North Raleigh Periodontics, we will create a customized kit for you to use at home to keep your teeth and enamel strong and full of crucial minerals. We do this by taking an impression of your teeth — this takes only about five minutes, and we can take it at the end of your scheduled office visit. Then, we build a clear tray matching an exact replica of your teeth. Most people use the trays after brushing their teeth at night — you simply squeeze a small amount of paste on the tray and wear undisturbed for an amount of time that Dr. Singletary recommends for your particular case (usually about 3-5 minutes). And voila, you are done!

Although you only need to wear the tray daily for a short time, the benefits last for years to come. If you have soft or weak teeth, sensitive teeth, white spots, are prone to chipped teeth, or simply desire to increase the minerals in your teeth, remineralization is the way to go. Ask about it next time you visit us!