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Virus Eradication Measures at North Raleigh Perio

Health is always the number one priority, especially for dental-care providers. With the rise of the global coronavirus pandemic that has infected so many people, we are working hard to do everything in our power to keep North Raleigh Periodontics virus-free. We are committed to our patients’ health, and we would like to share the steps we have taken to rid the air of viruses.

HEPA filterFirst, we have implemented HEPA 13 air filtration systems throughout the office. HEPA filters, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters, help reduce the spread of pathogens through the air and are essential to preventing viruses. HEPA filtration uses hospital-grade filtration to filter virus-causing bacteria out of the air.

Moreover, the HEPA filtration system uses UV-C light, which is the ultraviolet light that breaks apart germ DNA, leaving it unable to survive or populate. UV-C light is germicidal, meaning it prevents infection by inhibiting the growth of bacterial microorganisms. UV-C can even neutralize antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” that may circulate in the air and cause viruses.

Second, we are using extraoral dental suction systems in each treatment room to prevent the spread of viruses during operative procedures. This system helps protect the operatory from contaminants that travel in the air. As aerosols are created, a powerful turbine motor pulls in airborne particles into a HEPA filtration system, which captures virus-causing contaminants.

Finally, we have also incorporated the Purevac HVE system during patient treatment to further improve air quality and stop the transmission of viruses. HVE (high-volume evacuation) equipment used in tandem with powered instrumentation during treatment reduces the spread of viruses. A high-volume evacuator is a suction device that sucks in large volumes of air. Airborne pathogens increase the risk of viruses. Fortunately, the HVE controls the spread of bacteria before such bacteria even leaves the mouth.

To conclude, we have implemented the HEPA filtration system, extraoral dental suction system, and Purevac HVE systems to create the cleanest possible environment for anyone who enters the office. These three technologies help ensure that the air we breathe is safe, healthy, and virus-free.

We are looking forward to helping you. If you have any questions please call us at (919) 518-8222.