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Which Scaling and Root Planing Method is Best for You?

Many patients choose traditional scaling and root planing treatments (SRP) as a safe, non-surgical method to deep-clean the bacteria from their teeth and gums. However, a small number of periodontists are opting to use new laser technology to treat patients instead. Which method is best for you?

Laser SRP Vs Traditional SRP
Laser SRP Versus Traditional SRP

Laser technology is not necessarily superior to manual treatment; in fact, the Journal of Periodontology stated that there is minimal evidence that laser treatment adds clinical value over conventional treatment. The American Academy of Periodontology agrees saying, “there is insufficient evidence to suggest that any specific laser wavelength is superior to the traditional treatment methods of the common periodontal diseases.” Moreover, laser treatment may be harmful to patients if the wavelengths and power levels of the laser are not closely monitored. Studies even show that the use of lasers for SRP treatment could damage the root surface. Finally, laser treatment can be as much as three times as expensive for the patient compared with traditional treatment methods.

On the whole, studies have been inconclusive regarding the pros and cons of laser treatment. However, it is likely more dangerous and definitely more expensive than traditional, time-tested SRP treatments. Contact us today to discuss your scaling and root planing treatment plan.

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