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How Laser Therapy Can Enhance Your Treatment

BiolaseNorth Raleigh Periodontics is ecstatic to have incorporated laser therapy into our patient treatment! We utilize a type of laser called a Waterlase to precisely, quietly, and painlessly treat a variety of periodontal issues. The laser is especially beneficial in treating periodontal disease through minimally invasive protocols to remove plaque and calculus under and around the gum line.

How does it work? Like its name implies, the Waterlase utilizes a mixture of water, air, and laser energy in a patented technology called Hydrophotonics. The water-energizing handpiece delivers air and water in precise proportions compatible with the natural flora of the mouth. The laser effectively kills bacteria and sterilizes areas of the mouth as it moves, resulting in a significant decrease in the risk of oral bacterial infections or invasion. Moreover, when used by an experienced periodontal professional, the laser targets problematic oral areas with pinpoint accuracy to generate positive results.

Waterlase works without heat, needles, pain-triggering vibrations, or that intense drilling sound that sometimes makes patients feel uneasy. Furthermore, because it is so quick and precise, the Waterlase decreases the need for anesthesia and increases patient comfort. The physics of the Waterlase are delicately balanced to allow painless removal of plaque and calculus and swift cutting of gum tissue. We use Waterlase for a variety of treatments from the removal of bacteria and debris from the teeth and gum area, to the treatment of “tongue-tied” patients, to the reduction of gum inflammation and excess gum tissue.

Dr. Singletary is proud to offer Waterlase therapy to his patients. Dr. Singletary is Waterlase Laser certified and has undergone advanced training to bring this cutting edge technology to the North Raleigh area. Stay tuned for more posts detailing the specific procedures for which the Waterlase can be used, and ask us about Waterlase laser technology next time you give us a visit!

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