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Is Fluoride Therapy Right for You?

Fluoride treatment is just for kids, right? Wrong! Many of our patients battle increased oral sensitivity, receding gums and weakening enamel. Because of this progressive deterioration, it is easier for the acid produced by plaque to wear away the tooth surface and cause dental caries, more commonly known as cavities. Cavities can be effectively diminished or eradicated by fluoride, a natural mineral that prevents cavities by restoring minerals to the tooth enamel and stopping harmful bacteria from accumulating from the mouth. Unfortunately, most adults are not receiving fluoride in levels adequate enough to stave off caries prevention in the long-term.

While individuals used to ingest fluoride in tap water, more people continue to switch to bottled water, which often does not contain fluoride in sufficient levels and therefore necessitates that people obtain fluoride exposure through other means. Furthermore, adults who suffer from dry mouth or decreased salivary production, ingest drugs or alcohol excessively, maintain poor oral hygiene, follow an unhealthy diet, or are predisposed to weak enamel or high caries level can especially benefit from fluoride treatment. Unfortunately, some people are deterred from fluoride treatment out of concern that such treatment will be messy, sticky, and bad-tasting. However, our new product, Young Dental Fluoride Varnish Pens, delivers fluoride in a manner that is quick, comfortable, and mildly flavorful.

Young Flouride Pens

Our Varnish Pens contain a solution that is thinner than other varnishes, ensuring that the fluoride solution is not clumpy or stringy. Patients can eat immediately after the fluoride application, and the teeth will absorb the fluoride like a sponge over time. We offer three delicious flavors: bubble gum, grape, and mint. The fluoride will be applied by your dental hygienist chair side at the conclusion of your cleaning. While not every adult needs fluoride treatment, many patients would vastly benefit from fluoride treatment. Ask your hygienist if fluoride therapy is right for you today!