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Ads for Low-cost Dental Implants: Too Good to be True? Part Two of Three

Part one of this article series discussed a number of the most important factors to be aware of when choosing what kind of implant you will receive. These criteria included the type of implant that is going to be placed in your jaw, the reliability of the company manufacturing the implant, and whether that company offers legitimate, scientific evidence to demonstrate the purported integrity of its implants and implant components. Part two discusses who will be placing your implant. In particular, it will discuss the qualifications that are important to consider when choosing the practitioner to place your implant.

What are the requisite skills and training of the person placing my implant and crown?
The person placing your implant should be highly trained in bone physiology and maintenance of periodontal health. The training, skills, and knowledge necessary to place an implant are extremely different from those needed to fabricate your unique crown. It is nearly impossible for one person to have undergone the many years of requisite training to have acquired the exceptional level of necessary expertise in not one, but two highly specialized fields.

Periodontists have undergone the years of training needed to safely and successfully maintain a quality implant. However, they acknowledge that placing crowns are the purview of prosthodontists or experienced general dentists. Like periodontists, prosthodontists have undergone years of training in their speciality. Throughout the process of placing your implant and crafting a custom crown unique to your mouth, your periodontist and prosthodontist or general dentist will work closely together and communicate at great length. However, neither type of specialist would claim that they possess the skills of the other specialist. And if a practitioner did make such a claim, he or she may be putting the patient at risk for an unsuccessful procedure in the long term.

To conclude, before deciding who you would like to perform your implant procedure, examine the credentials of that person to ensure that he or she possesses the requisite specialized training, knowledge, and skills to expertly place your implant. Keep an eye out for the last part of this article which discusses in greater detail the qualifications and training of periodontists that specially equip them to place implants.

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