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Zap Cold Sores with Our Waterlase Laser Technology

Laser Cold SoresOver 90% of adults develop cold sores, or “fever blisters,” but for some, the effects of this virus are more pronounced than for others. Cold sores are small blisters that typically develop around the mouth or on the lips and that flare up periodically. Although not life-threatening, these sores are the often the source of great discomfort and annoyance. Flare-ups typically occur in the same place and are sometimes accompanied by physical symptoms like headaches, achy muscles, dehydration, and swollen lips. The virus is extremely contagious and can be passed through close oral contact. Canker sores also affect the mouth area and can be as painful as cold sores.

Numerous remedies exist that purport to cure or alleviate the symptoms, from creams to antiviral medications to painkillers. However, the development of Waterlase laser technology now allows us to safely and efficiently treat these painful sores.

When determining whether you have cold sores, look out for small inflamed lesions that appear around the lips or at the corners of the mouth. Regarding canker sores, be on the look-out for painful, open sores that appear inside the cheeks and lips, under the tongue, or at the base of the gums that may not be readily visible to an observer.

Once your cold sore has been diagnosed, laser treatment is simple. Waterlase lasers use a patented technology that combines focused light energy with a stream of water for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle treatment. Without any injection needed to numb the area, I apply laser energy to the sore for just a few seconds to stimulate healing potential. The laser sterilizes the area as it moves, and the laser is also exceptionally quiet. Most people experience immediate pain relief, and their sores typically heal faster when treated with the laser. Moreover, you may be able to avoid using prescription medication for the sore, thus escaping its side effects and potential drug interactions.

Waterlase laser treatment offers, on the whole, quick, painless, and effective treatment of cold sores. If you experience a flare-up, consider giving laser technology a try!