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What to Expect Following your Gum Graft Surgery

After Gum Graft Surgery

Have you been told that you need regenerative treatment for recessed gums, and you want to know what to expect pre and post-operatively? Or have you already experienced the gum graft procedure, and you’d like to know if you are on the right track towards complete healing? It’s important to know not only what gum graft surgery itself involves, but also how to prepare yourself both before and after this relatively minor procedure.

Before your appointment, you do not need to fast, alter your eating habits, or change your normal routine in preparation. The gum graft procedure itself is only about a half-hour long. I use local anesthesia, and, if the patient is especially apprehensive, nitrous oxide. Because the nitrous oxide wears off immediately following the surgery, the patient should be fine to drive herself home after the procedure, unless the patient has opted for a sedative as well.

Following the procedure, I instruct patients not to brush or floss the area for at least 10 days so that the area will heal properly Instead, I typically prescribe a special mouth rinse to keep the site clean and disinfected. I’ll also recommend a prescription pain reliever. Furthermore, I recommend the patient sticks to soft, cool foods like yogurt, well-cooked vegetables, and ice cream for around 10 days.

A common question I receive from patients is whether they will experience pain after the surgery, and if so, how long the pain will last. If I take the tissue from the roof of the mouth, the patient will probably experience pain for a few days, even up to a week after the surgery. The discomfort has been described as feeling like a pizza burn, but it will subside after a few days.

It is important to remember that this procedure is not as daunting as some patients tend to think. In fact, it is very quick and the procedure itself is painless. The best way to prepare for a gum graft is to relax and realize you’ll be just fine.

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