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Optimizing Patient Care and Comfort with Airflow One Therapy

Biofilm, a slimy bacterial buildup similar to pond scum, thrives in individuals’ mouths if not regularly removed. Over time, biofilm contributes to gum disease, cavities, and other oral health concerns. Oral health professionals have traditionally removed biofilm manually through time-consuming scraping and noisy, cumbersome power instruments. Not at North Raleigh Perio. We are happy to provide Airflow One therapy to patients for the most comfortable and complete cleaning possible.

Providing efficient, effective biofilm management, Airflow One therapy helps us scrupulously remove bacteria and stains, improve oral health, and treat periodontal disease. Airflow One uses air and water pressure to emit a stream of specialized powders to the teeth and gums through a small, handheld device. This technology thoroughly eliminates food deposits stuck between the teeth, surface stains, biofilm, plaque, and tartar.

An additional benefit of Airflow One therapy is the erythritol powder that is used in the handpiece. Erythritol inactivates bacteria like biofilm, preventing the bacteria from reproducing. It is biocompatible with the body, and the fine powder effectively removes biofilm with minimal discomfort. Also, erythritol inhibits the growth of peptidoglycan, which makes up the outer cell wall of bacteria. When erythritol breaks through the outer shell, the bacteria oozes out like jello and cannot reproduce. Whereas traditional powders can cause soft tissue damage if sprayed subgingivally, erythritol powder can be sprayed underneath the gum line, eradicating the bacteria attempting to populate the area without harming gum tissue. In fact, compared to traditionally used sodium-bicarbonate powder, erythritol powder is significantly less harmful to the gingival tissue than sodium-bicarbonate powder. Moreover, the use of erythritol air polishing powder promotes a demonstrable increase in gingival health and a decrease in staining.

Airflow One also facilitates a pleasant patient experience. The powder utilized for airflow is very fine, which eliminates the abrasive sensation that patients may have experienced during a traditional cleaning. Moreover, the powder and water mixture emitted from the handpiece nozzle is not ice-cold and uncomfortable. Instead, this new technology for hygiene and maintenance visits provides comfort to sensitive gums and teeth by allowing patients to choose the water temperature. The handpiece releases a warm, gentle flow of water, air, and erythritol powder directly into the gum pocket. This method disperses sticky biofilm and accumulated plaque, reducing pocket depths and inflammation and ultimately diminishing patients’ susceptibility to gum disease.

Finally, Airflow One takes less time while doing a better job than other cleaning methods like hand scaling or paste polishing. While traditional professional cleanings can take around 30 to 60 seconds per teeth, Airflow One cuts that time down to five seconds. Not only does the speed of the cleaning decrease patient discomfort, but it also frees up more time to focus on other important components of periodontal health such as removing hard bacterial deposits known as calculus.

At North Raleigh Periodontics we work hard to provide the optimal patient experience. That is why we are happy to offer Airflow One therapy to all our patients.

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