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Making a Beautiful Smile Affordable

A beautiful smile begins with healthy teeth and gums. The explosion of new technology has given periodontists advanced techniques and materials to treat, heal, and enhance your natural smile. We know that receiving care from a specialist can be expensive. If you are wondering how to obtain excellent and affordable periodontal treatment, we have an idea! Welcome to North Raleigh Periodontics VIP Membership Plan.

Anyone who does not have or use dental insurance can join our in-house membership plan which removes the cost of the ‘middle-man’, keeping dental care simple, affordable and the account accessible to you at all times. There are NO deductibles, NO annual benefit maximums, NO pre-approvals, and NO exclusions.

There are several plans available to fit your specific perio needs, including regular exams, screenings, routine x-rays, and emergency exams. The benefits do not end there. For more information call our office at (919) 518-8222 or review our Membership Plan.

Please remember we are always here for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.