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Dr. Singletary Speaks to the Raleigh Diabetic Association

Dr. Singletary Speaks at ConferenceThis past Saturday, Dr. Singletary was privileged to deliver the key-note address to the American Diabetes Association’s Raleigh Group. The topic, “Maintaining Periodontal Health for Individuals with Diabetes” provided an opportunity to discuss special glucose and carbohydrate concerns as it affects periodontal disease and vice-versa. He discussed signs and symptoms of periodontal disease and offered much practical advice to help maintain gum tissue health, which in turn reduces fluctuation in the blood sugar levels due to periodontal inflammation. Dr. Singletary, who states that about 20% of his practice is comprised of patients who have some form of diabetes, concluded his talk with an encouraging note: People with controlled diabetes are able to heal and respond to periodontal therapy as easily as non-diabetics. For more information about this organization, contact us at North Raleigh Periodontics or email

The Raleigh Diabetes group, led by Maxine Phillips McKoy, is open to the public and provides support for those with pre-diabetes, those living with diabetes, and those who want to make healthy lifestyle changes.

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