The aim of periodontics treatment is the re-establishment of a fully functional attachment. This is best achieved through periodontal regeneration in Raleigh.

The development of Straumann® Emdogain is based on a breakthrough in the knowledge of the basic biology of tooth development and enamel matrix proteins, a complex of native proteins that play a key role in the development of tooth-supporting tissues.

Periodontal Regeneration in Raleigh

Comprised of various protiens, which self-assemble to create this matrix, Straumann ® Emdogain mediates the formation of cementum on the root of the developing tooth, providing a foundation for all necessary tissues associated with a full functional attachment.
Effects at the cellular level.

By mimicking the biological processes of natural tooth development, Straumann ® Emdogain forms an insoluble three dimensional extra-cellular matrix. This matrix remains on the root surface for 2-4 weeks and allows for the selective colonization, proliferation and differentiation of cells.